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SolarLogic Awarded Patent for Self-Cooling Solar Thermal CollectorSubscribe to RSS feed

Overheated collectors are now a thing of the past! This week, SolarLogic, LLC, was awarded a U.S. patent for a solar thermal collector that cools itself in any climate. The new solar collector design can be used to heat domestic hot water, radiant floors and other liquid-filled heating systems, pools, and spas, and can even be used to cool a building at night. This patent, SolarLogic’s fifth, represents a great move forward for the solar thermal industry.

Two of the significant challenges of solar heating system design over the past 40 years have been managing excess heat produced by solar collectors when it is not needed (typically summer), and preventing solar collectors from overheating in case of failure of other components like pumps or electronic controls. Overheating damages the working fluid and system components, and can result in costly repairs and non-functioning systems.

In the past, standard designs addressed this issue by using large water storage tanks or other heat sinks, specialized pumps and controls, and redundant and oversized components. Use of the new SolarLogic solar collector design eliminates the need for any extra components or design compromises, resulting in systems that are easier to specify, less costly and complicated to install, and fail-safe. SolarLogic’s new collector design is especially unique in that it is identical in size, appearance and plumbing to a conventional collector, not reliant on electricity, and will prevent solar collectors from overheating even in harsh environments.

“After 40 years of compromised designs, system designers and engineers can finally shift their focus from collector overheating and stagnation to optimizing the design for solar accumulation. Combined with our other products, our new collector makes SolarLogic heating systems the most effective and affordable solar heating systems ever available,” said SolarLogic’s Chief Technical Officer, Bristol Stickney.

SolarLogic products include a solar heating system design web site (SLASH-D) and an integrated, web-enabled hardware/software system controller (SLIC) that operates an entire heating system, including any renewable components, with no programming. The SLASH-D is free and the SLIC is available for purchase direct from SolarLogic to solar and radiant heating professionals. Product trainings qualify for Continuing Education Credits from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

SolarLogic LLC was formed in 2008 to eliminate the barriers to deploying integrated multi-source/multi-load energy systems by providing products and services that eliminate their complexity. Since formation, the company has developed its flagship products – the SLIC (SolarLogic Integrated Controller) and SLASH-D (SolarLogic-Assisted Solar Heating Design.) The logic embodied in these products is appropriate for any heating system of any scale, reduces design, engineering, construction and maintenance costs, and increases energy savings for the life of the system.

Contact: Claudia Pavel: 505.577.4633.