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DISCAL DIRTMAG™ Air and Dirt Separator with MagnetSubscribe to RSS feed

Caleffi North America, an industry leader in air and dirt removal, continues expanding its growing family of separators by introducing DISCAL DIRTMAG™, a combination air and
dirt separator with magnet. Circulating fluid in hydronic systems contain impurities that can cause poor system performance. An especially difficult impurity to remove is ferrous oxide. Fine ferrous oxide
particles can layer onto internal system surfaces reducing operating efficiency. The new DISCAL DIRTMAG combines high performance removal of microbubble air, microparticle dirt and ferrous particles. The powerful rare-earth magnet collar mounted externally around the lower body continually attracts and captures ferrous particles as fluid passes through the separator. Flushing dirt and ferrous particles is easy: simply detach
the collar and open the bottom drain valve, even while the system is operating. The separator incorporates multiple functions into one device thus minimizing equipment and labor costs. It is available in sizes 3/4” to 1-1/4” with threaded or sweat connections. For further information, please refer to our online Technical Brochure or Sell Sheet .