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A Touch of Luxury: Introducing Heated Stone Countertops Featuring FeelsWarm™ TechnologySubscribe to RSS feed

Introducing Heated Stone Countertops Featuring FeelsWarmª Technology Custom or do-it-yourself options gently warm surfaces 20 to 25 degrees for everyday comfort.

The kitchen is the heart of the home Ð the place where families gather to work, play and entertain, enveloped by warmth and familiarity. Natural stone imparts a sense of durability and high design to todayÕs kitchens, but many homeowners dislike the cold feel associated with granite, marble and other popular countertop choices. Now thereÕs a way to make kitchens even more inviting: heated stone countertops with FeelsWarmª Technology.

Earlier this year, Minnesota-based Heated Stone Products unveiled the industryÕs first and only ultra-thin heating elements that take the chill out of natural stone. Designed specifically for countertops, FeelsWarm Technology gently raises the temperature of the stone 20 to 25 degrees, just enough to remove the initial cold shock when a person leans on the counter or touches the surface in the morning. Like heated floors or heated towel racks, FeelsWarm heated countertops add comfort, luxury and elegance to homes and businesses.

FeelsWarmÕs low-voltage heating elements can be integrated into stone slabs, and are also available in custom or standard-sized stick-on versions. While authorized dealers determine exact pricing, the approximate installed price is comparable to other stone upgrades, such as edging or color. Typically, only a portion of the countertop is heated Ð where a personÕs arms rest Ð which minimizes the cost. Either an optional temperature controller or an optional easy-to-use programmer operates the FeelsWarm heating element, allowing users to schedule on and off times automatically depending on their needs.

FeelsWarm Technology made its national debut at this yearÕs Coverings trade show in Atlanta, and Heated Stone Products is in the process of building a network of authorized dealers and fabricators across North America. Interested parties should inquire via

ÒHomeowners love the luxury look and function of granite, but the fact that stone feels cold has some people looking at other surfaces for their kitchens,Ó says Jahn Stopperan, president of Heated Stone Products. ÒWith FeelsWarm Technology itÕs easy for people to choose stone, making it more comfortable to gather around a countertop, no matter if theyÕre having a cup of coffee, doing homework or hosting a party.Ó

FeelsWarm products are available in three options:

Integrated heaters: Ideal for construction or remodeling projects that involve a new stone countertop. FeelsWarmÕs integrated heaters are embedded into the stone and are flush on the under-surface, with the electrical wiring completely hidden. An authorized dealer defines each heater to the exact size, correlating with the custom stone countertop. Heated Stone Products then designs and fabricates each custom heater within one week, so that it fits within a normal delivery window of the stone countertop project.

Customized stick-on heaters: FeelsWarmÕs under-the-counter stick-on heaters are customized to an existing countertopÕs shape and design, and are attached with a specialized, permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. The electrical cord location is customized to match the location of existing power, and the overall shape is matched to the existing countertop, taking into account supports, curves and other features. An authorized dealer works with the consumer to coordinate measurement and installation.

Pre-sized stick-on heaters: For customers who want heated countertops and already have stone counters installed, FeelsWarm under-the-counter stick-on heaters are available in standard sizes, including 11 x 24Ó, 11 x 36Ó, 11 x 48Ó, 11 x 60Ó, and 17 x 30Ó. These heaters donÕt require a professional installer, are ideal for do-it-yourselfers, and are perfect for desks and rectangular counters with overhangs.
One of the key features of FeelsWarm heaters is that they provide uniform heating across a surface, which is critical because of stoneÕs thermal characteristics. Granite and other stone products are poor thermal conductors, so heat doesnÕt dissipate well within the stone. To heat the stone surface evenly, a heating element needs to cover as much of the surface area as possible. Attempts by alternative heating systems are typically thick, provide uneven heating, and are not a solution for overhangs and unsupported stone.

FeelsWarm Technology is a creative approach that involves a .025-inch-thick profile and enables the heater to be embedded in the stone without impacting its structural integrity. Stick-on models can be added onto the bottom of a countertop and wonÕt protrude down into the open space, particularly with overhangs and unsupported areas. Stick-on heaters also have a high-impact resistance overlay to protect against abrasion and protrusion.

FeelsWarm Technology operates on low voltage so it is safe and easy to install and use. The low voltage also ensures that there are no stray EMI emissions, which can occur with 120-volt systems, causing potential cell phone and wireless transmission interference. FeelsWarm heaters are offered with a five-year warranty.

For a list of certified FeelsWarm heated countertop fabricators, visit our website.

Minnesota-based Heated Stone Products manufactures FeelsWarm Heating Technology, the patent-pending technology of thin heaters used in combination with stone countertops, including both integrated heaters and stick-on models. Its dealers and market partners are premier fabricators serving luxury homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Heated Stone Products specializes in foil-based heating elements, designing and fabricating unusually large heaters using advanced quick-turn processing techniques. For more information, visit