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Introducing the iSolar™ MX LTE Solar System ControllerSubscribe to RSS feed

The iSolar™ MX LTE is a powerful, multi-functional temperature differential controller with add-on system functions for use in a wide variety of solar thermal heating applications. The MX LTE is equipped with five relay outputs; four are triac pump speed control relays and one dry contact relay, as well as one 0-10 V pump speed control signal output for new high-efficiency pumps. Additionally, the controller is equipped with eight Pt1000 sensor inputs, one CS10 irradiation sensor input, and one impulse flow meter input for built-in accurate heat energy metering (BTU meter). The controller comes complete with five Pt1000 sensors and one 0-10 V adapter cord.
The 20 predefined system arrangements, with additional optional functions, are configured for control of standard solar water heating systems, drain back systems, multiple storage tanks (up to four total), heat dump, storage tank booster heating and many others. Along with an intuitive commissioning menu, easy-to-use icons assist to operate and customize a solar water heating system. The integrated SD memory card slot enables easy data logging to an SD memory card as well as a quick and effortless transfer of logged system data to a PC.
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