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Caleffi Hydronic Solutions, a North American pioneer in separation products, now extends its magnetic separator technology to three hydronic product lines: DIRTMAG® dirt separators, DISCAL DIRTMAG™ combination air and dirt separators and SEP4™ combination air, dirt and hydraulic separators.

Ferrous oxide forms in hydronic systems when iron or steel corrodes. The abrasive,extremely fine sediment is difficult to remove; it can deposit onto heat exchanger surfaces and accumulate in pump cavities causing reduced efficiency and premature wear. Caleffi magnetic dirt separators accomplish 2½ times the ferrous oxide removal performance of standard dirt separators, delivering up to 95% elimination efficiency.

All Caleffi magnetic products incorporate a powerful, external rare-earth magnet collar around the lower body. Captured impurities are easily flushed by unclamping the collar and purging - even with the system still operating.

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