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TruTech Tools Adds ECOM Emissions Analyzers Subscribe to RSS feed

TruTech Tools has been selected to carry new products from ECOM

  ECOM logo

TruTech Tools is pleased to announce the addition of the ECOM Emissions Analyzers. ECOM America Ltd., the leader in portable emission / combustion analyzers manufactures models for many applications. 


ECOM Emissions analyzers are used as service and maintenance tools. They make
diagnosing combustion problems, improving fuel efficiency and improving
combustion system performance faster and easier for technicians. 


The ECOM CN, ECOM CL, and ECOM EN2 models
are preferred for maintenance applications including boiler efficiency
testing, burner set-up, and servicing  of reciprocating natural gas,
propane, diesel engines and turbines. 


offers Environmental Compliance level analyzers to meet the strict
requirements many State and Regional Environmental Regulatory Agencies
adopted following the 1990 Clean Air Act and subsequent environmental
legislation. These analyzers incorporate extensive EPA recognized
sample conditioning systems and features required under EPA protocols
for portable analyzers. These models include the 

in 2007, TruTech Tools serves the HVAC, Energy Audit, Building
Performance, Weatherization and Home Inspection markets providing the
best equipment, training, calibration and consulting services available.
Find a complete listing of TruTech Tools instrumentation, training and
services at
. For More information call Eric or Josh at 1-888-224-3437.