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TruTech Tools has been selected to carry new products from Kanomax

  Kanomax logo

TruTech Tools is pleased to announce the addition of Kanomax Testing Instruments. To add to our already impressive lineup, we now carry a variety of exceptional Kanomax instruments from Air Velocity Meters like the Kanomax 6006-OE Anemomaster LITE, to Airflow Capture Hoods like the Kanomax TABmaster Capture Hood Model 6710.


As conditions become more stringent in the HVAC TAB (Testing and Balancing) industry, commercial and residential building owners are being expected to guarantee the air quality and safety level of the air that is being circulated within their buildings. 


Kanomax instruments were designed with you, the HVAC field technician in mind. These simple to use, lightweight instruments will always give you the most accurate readings. 


TABmaster Capture Hood Model 6710


The new Kanomax TABmaster is the perfect tool for accurate supply and return airflow measurements. Interchangeable hoods make it a snap to sample the air for any duct size. The unit is lightweight and easy to handle. The full color screen can be tilted so it's at the optimal viewing angle at any height.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Light weight design makes one-person setup and use easy  
  • Five hood sizes make it easy to pick one that fits your duct size 
  • 23 to 2500 cfm (40 to 4250 m 3/h) measuring range
  • Displays the direction of the airflow as well as the velocity
  • Optional portable stand: extends up to 6.9' from top to base.
"It's great that you can see through the hood, it allows you to better position the hood over the grille. There's nothing else like it."



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