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Wood Stove Decathlon to Use Wohler’s SM 500Subscribe to RSS feed

Wohler’s new SM 500 real-time particle emission rate analyzer will help judges during the Wood Stove Decathlon from November 16-19, 2013 in Washington, DC.


The Wood Stove Decathlon, sponsored by the Alliance for Green Heat, encourages participants to design a cleaner, more efficient, and more versatile wood stove. The competition’s goals are to inspire innovation and build community, as well as educate the public and policymakers about modern wood heater emissions.


Wohler’s SM 500 uses brand new technology that makes emissions testing for small, solid-fuel appliances more efficient. The current dilution tunnel test procedure can be time consuming and costly. Wohler’s SM 500 will give the judges quick and accurate readings as they test up to 14 wood stoves throughout the competition.


“Wohler’s SM 500 is an example of our continued commitment to developing technology to meet our customers’ needs,” says Peter Cullen, Wohler’s Chief Operating Officer. “Wood use is becoming more popular for home heating and Wohler’s SM 500 will ensure that wood stoves and boilers meet EPA emissions standards, protecting both homeowners and the environment. Wohler is a company that values technological innovations and we look forward to playing a part in the Wood Stove Decathlon.”


Wohler’s SM 500 analyzer will be available to the US market in early 2014. Stop by the Wood Stove Decathlon from November 16-19 to see it in action and visit for more information

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