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Another New Online Learning Opportunity From TacoSubscribe to RSS feed

Taco is pleased to announce the latest addition to our online educational program for members of the FloPro Team – it's a 4-part series on designing and installing Mutli-Temp, Multi-Load Hydronic Heating Systems.

In this presentation, you'll learn how to best pipe, wire and control a system requiring multiple temperatures and multiple loads. You know, one of those jobs. This real world presentation gives you practical, easy to understand solutions for challenging systems. The focus is on putting together a system that is simple, understandable and repeatable, which in turn puts money in your pocket.

You'll near the dynamics of primary-secondary piping for cast iron boilers, and "moose-antler" piping for modulating-condensing boilers. You'll learn how to best control different water temperatures using everything from simple tempering valves, to motorized mixing valves, to variable speed injection mixing.

"Multi-Temp, Multi-Load Systems" is the third addition this fall to the "Videos" section of the FLOPROTEAM website. In the past few weeks, we've added presentations on Circulator Selection for Radiant, and on The Evolution of Radiant Mixing.

These programs are available online, 24/7 for your convenience, giving you the opportunity to sharpen your skills on your timetable. We encourage you to take advantage of these programs, as well as the many other education resources you'll find at

If you aren't signed up for the FloProTeam, you can register here. It's easy, fast and free.

Thanks for your interest.

The FloPro Team