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Average Rating: 4.92 out of 5 (13 ratings)

( ) Posted by Bob L on February 22, 2010 @ 11:38 PM


This I feel is your best work. I have purchased everything you have written and feel you touch just about everything in this book. The reading is short and to the point, it\'s not at all a dry read. I\'m amazed after all these books it continues to get clearer. After reading this I decided to hold a meeting and go over everything again with all my employees and was amazed at how many" Ahhhh thats why" looks I received. Fortunately we had a 400,000 btu steam boiler to put in right after this meeting. The look of exceitment was great. The guys brought digital cameras and put in out first drop header. The system went in flawlessly. The condo ass. couldn\'t believe the unit was on (no hissing vents no banging) just comfortable heat. We have been in buisiness for 57 years and I guarantee you we as a company were never prouder of a job. Our only disappointment was it was in a very small room so pictures were too close to appreciate but I\'m sure we\'ll be posting and bragging on our next one. So I will end with a long over-due "Thank You" to you Dan , you have affected more companies and customers in a good way than you\'ll ever know.

Thank You again,

Guardian Heating Chicago Illinois

( ) Posted by theboilermaster on February 22, 2010 @ 12:39 AM

My wife surprised me with a copy of "Greening Steam" on valentines day. I've bought most of Dan's other books from our local supply house and was waiting for this one to come in. It was one of the best valentine gifs I have ever recieved.
About the book, most of the other books have been very informative and helpifull in installing and troubleshooting problems. This one will go with me on every job as a sales tool. It will go a long way in convincing the customers who think their badly installed, or neglected steam system is working fine because they have "heat". I have always told them that it is like driving a car with low tires, You get were your going, but the ride is costly and uncomforable. Now I will have this easy to understand book to help me convince the customers that spending a little money now will save them in the long run. Thanks Dan

( ) Posted by The Steam Whisperer (Formerly Boilerpro) on February 19, 2010 @ 11:39 AM

This book is a wonderful result of the broad knowledge and great collection of steam system history that Dan Holohan has collected over many years. That history includes advances made in steam heating right up to the last few years and provides illustrations that let you really see a steam heating system in action. It distills this huge amount of information with the goal of getting the basics right in a steam heating system in order to save a lot of Green for the owner, make a lot of Green for a contractor, and provide one of the best heating systems around to give all our children and grandchildren a Greener world. It lays out the fundamentals in a clearly organized fashion like an encyclopedia, but engages you (often with laughter) whether you read the book as a story cover to cover (yes, believe it or not steam heating can be talked about that way) or you need to look at some particular area of interest or concern.

Dan\'s writing, going all the way back to his first book, "The Lost Art of Steam Heating” has been a spark in what was once a dead heating field. He has reshaped the steam heating industry by providing the fundamentals in a form easy to understand by both professionals and novices alike. His busy online forum has created a cadre of exceptionally innovative professionals that are not only restoring steam heating to its rightful place as one, if not the, most efficient methods of space heating, but exploring new concepts and practices that are promising to move steam heating to new levels of efficiency and comfort......truly saving "Green" and Greening our world for decades to come.

I believe even the modest Dan Holohan has been overwhelmed at the impact his writing and other efforts have made in the field. Hat\'s off to a true gentlemen and an exceptional author and speaker.

Dave Bunnell
Boiler Professional, Inc .
Amboy, Illinois

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