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Quick & Basic House Wiring<br>by Carol Fey
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Quick & Basic House Wiring
by Carol Fey

When Carol Fey asked me to take a look at the proofs of her new book, Quick & Basic House Wiring, I knew it was going to be easy to understand, but what delighted me was how she got into things like why a two-wire cable has three wires, and why a three-wire cable has four wires, and why the switches at the top and the bottom our stairs here at home are called three-way switches, which doesn’t make sense at first since there are only two of them. Makes sense now. This book is a delight.

I also loved the way she handled the subject of GCFI outlets, low-voltage circuits, and troubleshooting. She has shown me the magic behind the walls, and made it really easy for a layperson such as myself to understand how the electricity in our home works. This book’s a keeper, a good, basic place to start, and if you don’t agree, we’ll give you a full refund.

Dan Holohan

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