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Quick & Basic Hydronic Controls<br>by Carol Fey
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Quick & Basic Hydronic Controls
by Carol Fey

This is Carol Fey's second book and I found her writing, particularly her analogies, to be better than ever. Her plain-English explanations of hydronic controls are EXACTLY what the heating industry has needed for years. A look at the some of the chapter headings will give you a good sense of what's in store for you when you get this book:

Power Supply, Switch, and Load - Just Count to Three
The Circuit - Thinking in Circles
Hydronic Controls That Are Switches
Hydronic Controls That Are Loads
To the Boiler Room
Panels - What's Inside This Box?

There's also this great wrap-up chapter that takes the fear out of controls, once and for all. I'm telling you, when you get to the analogy about the "bug on a rope" (which is how Carol makes circuitry easy to understand) I think you're going to be smiling as much as I was. This woman sure knows how to communicate!

Dan Holohan

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