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Quick & Basic Troubleshooting<br>by Carol Fey
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Quick & Basic Troubleshooting
by Carol Fey

Carol Fey’s latest in the P.I.G. (Practical is Good) series addresses the art of troubleshooting. “Troubleshooting is a process,” she writes. “Like starting a car, you have to start at the beginning of the process, follow all the steps and not skip around. You can troubleshoot individual components or complete circuits. It’s useful to troubleshoot with a troubleshooting chart or ladder diagram. But if a chart isn’t available, you can use a troubleshooting process to find and fix the problem. Have patience, take your time, and practice.”

The book starts out simply and the language, as usual, is wonderfully clear “Think of a circuit as a bug on a rope,” she writes. After a review of basic circuits, she quickly moves into troubleshooting with a meter and then on to troubleshooting the individual components of a heating system. She follows with a terrific chapter on troubleshooting complete circuits. “The idea behind this troubleshooting method,” she writes, “is to find where the electricity should be and isn’t, or shouldn’t be and is. That’s where the problem will be.” She covers ladder diagrams and equipment diagrams and does it all with a style that’s so easy to take. Carol Fey writes like she speaks, and that is the secret to good communication. This woman knows how to teach!

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Dan Holohan

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