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The Water Heater Workbook<br>by Larry and Suzanne Weingarten
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The Water Heater Workbook
by Larry and Suzanne Weingarten

I once visited my friends Larry and Suzanne Weingarten in their home in beautiful Monterey, California. Larry and Suzanne and I write articles for some of the same magazines, but their specialty is water heaters. Larry is also a collector of old books (and a rebuilder of antique water heaters!) so we had plenty to talk about that day.

At one point, Larry went into his office and came out with a box filled with the small remnants of several dozen water heaters. He picked up and examined each part, and then explained to me exactly what had happened to that particular water heater and how the owner might have avoided the problem. He did this with the skill of a forensic pathologist and he had the sort of gleam in his eye that you only see in people who truly love what they do. This guy knows his stuff! He's into water heaters like I'm into steam and hydronics. He spends his days working on them and his nights researching them. It's a passion for him.

Suzanne Weingarten is an educator who enjoys teaching about water heating. She and Larry co-authored The Water Heater Workbook - A Hands-On Guide to Water Heaters. This book is the very best I have ever found on water heating. It's packed with information and the illustrations are terrific, plus there's a great appendix listing sources of supply for materials, and water heater accessories. All in all, it's one of the most useful, hands-on books I've seen. Don't miss it!

Dan Holohan

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( ) Posted by mark on January 8, 2012 @ 2:31 PM

I thought to my self if i can learn of few things for $20.00 it would be worth it. And i did. Read the book in one afternoon, could not put it down. well written.. thanks.

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