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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology                                           (Seventh Edition)<br>by Whitman, Johnson, Tomczyk, and Silberstein
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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology (Seventh Edition)
by Whitman, Johnson, Tomczyk, and Silberstein

I've always been a hydronics guy and I never had any training in refrigeration or air conditioning when I was coming up. To tell the truth, I never really understood the air-conditioning cycle. To me it was like a wheel that never stopped turning. I didn't know where to get on and where to get off. That all changed one day when I went to visit my friend, Professor Eugene Silberstein. Eugene wrote some of the great books that you'll find here at (including this one), and he has a way of explaining things so that even a wet-heat guy like me can understand them. He made me some sketches and drew me a few word pictures that brought to life the refrigeration cycle, and then he handed me a copy of this text and told me to take my time reading it.

Well, it took me a few weeks to do that because this book is over 1,600 pages long. This text could prop open the door on a bank vault! But don't let the size of it make you nervous. The color photos and drawings, the easy-to-follow diagrams, and the plain-English text make the learning fast and easy. This weighty gem takes you from the basics through the most complicated systems, and if I was able to follow it all, you will be able to follow it too. I especially appreciated the review questions at the end of each of the 50 chapters. Nothing like review to keep your mind sharp.

I don't feel quite so dumb nowadays thanks to my friend the Professor, and the gift of this wonderful book, which I'm pleased to be able to offer to you at this great price. I guarantee you'll like it.

Dan Holohan

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