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The Bare Bones Weekend Biz Plan, by Ellen Rohr
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The Bare Bones Weekend Biz Plan, by Ellen Rohr

The subtitle for Ellen's latest book is Launch a Profitable Business by Monday. She sent me this one and I read the whole thing in one sitting (it's just 60 pages) and said Wow! Ellen is like brunette caffeine and when she puts her business-planning thoughts together in this compact a package you've just got to get charged up. The book is a day-by-day, hour-by-hour weekend menu that will give you a real business plan for your idea. As she told me, this book can help you:

1. Get inspired, focused and going with your own money-making business.

2. Move from unemployed to self-employed

3. Figure out if your big idea is a money-maker or a debt creator

4. Fix or jump-start a stalled business (and who doesn't need that nowadays?)

5. Get the Go-Ahead from your spouse, partner, kid, mom or dad

6. Start a business while you are still at your current job

7. Create a winning selling price, which has nothing to do with what your competitor is charging

8. Make lots of money without selling your soul

9. And finally, get a working business plan together so that by Monday morning you can hit the ground running.

All of that for just 10 bucks. And if you don't love this one, send it back to me for a full refund.

What are you waiting for?

Dan Holohan

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