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How to Teach Technicians (<i>without</i> putting them to sleep)
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How to Teach Technicians (without putting them to sleep)

This book will come to you on a CD as a PDF document, which you can read on your computer screen, or download as a paper copy. The Table of Contents is linked to the individual chapters.)

I've taught tens of thousands of technicians all across North America. People tell me they keep coming back to my seminars because I tell good stories and I make the learning painless. Back in 1998, a friend volunteered me to speak at a convention. The subject was How to Teach Technicians. I had never given the process much thought (so much of it had become instinctive), but now I had this speech to give, so I started making notes. I work with something called "cluster diagrams" that help me get my thoughts down on paper (I'll show you how to use this technique in the book). I found myself clustering for about a week.

When I was finished, I looked at my notes and I was amazed at how much I had written. There's a lot involved when you're putting together a teaching session, especially when technicians are your audience. Technicians are very special people. They're not used to sitting still for long. They're very visual in their thinking. They're often loners. They don't suffer fools easily. You had better know what you're talking about before you get up there in front of them. And you had better be prepared.

I used a lot of stories in this book. I wrote about how I leaned to be an effective teacher of technicians. I recounted all the horrible things that happened to me along the way. I explained in detail what should go into the preparation of the meeting space, the audience and the teacher. And I tried my best to bring to this book all the fun and joy that I try to bring to every presentation that I do. As I said, there are lots of stories here.

The thing that pleased me most happened when I went to Searles Graphics, the folks who design my books. I was to meet with Jeff, who would be doing the artwork for the book. The was the first time we would be working together. "Dan," he said, "I was prepared to be bored when I first got your book. I had to read it before I could illustrate it, but I was so surprised when I did. I love this book! The stories are some of the best I've ever read, and you held my attention from the first sentence to the last."

And that's what a good teacher should be able to do, right?

If you find yourself in a position where you have to get what's in your head into the heads of technicians, you will benefit from this book. Guaranteed.

Dan Holohan

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( ) Posted by Karen on April 16, 2010 @ 10:47 AM

My partner was reading this book in preparation for one of his first teaching jobs. I decided to read it on a snowy, cold day out of desperation for something to read. I LOVED it. It was way more than just about teaching technicians- it was laugh out loud funny and offered a lot of brilliant observations that will totally assist my life. It changed the way I think about somethings - about possibilities. I think everyone should read this book!

( ) Posted by Alan R. Mercurio on August 15, 2009 @ 9:59 PM

As an educator this book was very useful to me and helped me to recognize some important details that should be focused on. This book has added to my success as an educator!

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