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Bright Ideas! E-booklet
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Bright Ideas! E-booklet

This 270-page PDF document will arrive in your inbox by e-mail the day after you order it, so don't forget to give us your e-mail address.

Here's what it's all about. I asked some of the brightest people I know to share their thoughts on how they would handle certain technical challenges. They offered their opinions and the result is this electronic book. Read this one and I guarantee you'll be better at what you do. The title says it all. This one is loaded with Bright Ideas!

Check out the Table of Contents:

135 Ideas for Controlling Staple-Up Radiant Heat

31 Tips on How to Apply Antifreeze to a Hydronic Heating System, and How to Maintain it Afterwards

32 Ideas on How to Deliver Comfort Where Fuel Costs Are High and Electricity is Unreliable

36 Creative Solutions to Some Tough Heating Challenges

37 Ideas on When, Where and Why You Should Use a Buffer Tank on a Multi-Zone System

38 Ideas on How and When to Use Hydro-Air Systems, and How to Size and Control Them

42 Opinions on When (and WHY) it’s Time to Replace that Old Boiler or Furnace

45 Ideas on What to Consider As You Think About Geothermal as a Heat Source

47 Comments from Heating Professionals on How They Price Their Services, and Why They Do It That Way

51 Ideas on What Type of Radiant System Offers the Most Value for Basic New Construction

60 Ideas on How to Deal with Solar Gain in Radiantly Heated Buildings

63 Opinions on What a Professional MUST Address Before Replacing a Residential Steam Boiler

64 Opinions on Whether Aluminum Heat-Transfer Plates are Needed to Successfully Install a Staple-Up Radiant Heating System

97 Ideas on How to Control a Condensing Boiler Serving BOTH Radiant and an Indirect Heater

The elves will e-mail this one to you after they process your order, and I personally guarantee your satisfaction.

Here's to bright ideas!

Dan Holohan

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