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DeWalt HVAC Technician Certification Exam Guide
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DeWalt HVAC Technician Certification Exam Guide

Are you faced with needing to take a test for NATE, ICE, or RSES certification? If so, then you'll want to have this terrific guide in your corner.

The author, Norm Christopherson has been involved with the HVAC and refrigeration industries since 1970, and has taught at San Jose City College for more than 18 years. He writes, "There is no substitute for experience, and experience is no substitute for study." Good words.

Here's how the book lays out:


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
How This Book is Organized
Overview of the Exams
Why Become Certified?
Thoughts on Memorization, Equations, and Calculators
Part One - Certification Organizations and Their Examinations
Part Two - Exam Strategies
Part Three - About The Core Exam (includes practice exame)
Part Four - Math Practice Exam
Part Five - Electrical Certification and Practice Exam
Part Six - Air Conditioning Certification and Practice Exam
Part Seven - Heat Pump Certification and Practice Exam
Part Eight - Gas Heating Certificaition and Practice Exam
Part Nine - Air Distribution, Measurement and Balancing Certification with Practice Exam
Part Ten - Final Practice Exams
Part Eleven - Answer Keys to the Practice Exams
Part Twelve - Equations
Part Thirteen - Charts, Tables and Reference Materials

A lot of good stuff here to get you prepared. And even if you're not looking to take an exam right now, this guide is a wonderful way to test your current knowledge of HVAC. It may inspire you to learn even more. And the more you know the more valuable you are to others. Good luck!

Dan Holohan

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