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Residential Hydronic Heating (The I=B=R Coursebook)
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Residential Hydronic Heating (The I=B=R Coursebook)

Where can you get a complete course in residential hydronic heating for just $95? Right here! This book is the core of the popular I=B=R school and it was years in the making. It’s my pleasure to be able to offer it to you here at because it follows the spirit of our site – keep it understandable, and fun.

This book does just that. Here, check out the Table of Contents and you’ll see what I mean.


Harnessing Heat

Selecting and Placing a Boiler

Components of a Hot Water Heating System

Piping Hydronic Hot Water Heating Systems

Sizing Hydronic Hot Water Heating Systems

Auxiliary Heating Loads

Basic Electricity

Controlling and Wiring Hydronic Systems

Components of Hydronic Steam Heating Systems

Piping Hydronic Steam Heating Systems

Radiant Heating Basics

System Survey

See what I mean? It covers it all and in such a wonderful way. The book contains 430 pages and it comes in a three-ring binder so it’s easy to add your own notes as you move through the course. But what I like most about this book are the graphics. Jim Goins painstakingly did them over the course of a couple of years. I first met Jim when he was an engineer at Weil-McLain. He later worked for Peerless and produced their superb Color of Steam and Color of Hot Water booklets. Jim’s now in his own business and he specializes in technical drawings that are so vibrant and so easy to follow. It makes the learning fun! The colors and the clear labeling make everything so easy to understand and whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned pro you’re going to get something out of this one.

And then there’s the writing. It’s of a caliber that I would be happy to put my own name on. You know that I like plain English explanations and not a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. That’s what this book contains– 430 pages of plain English. You’ve got questions; this book has the answers.

Between the words and the graphics what we have here is a superb learning tool that I guarantee you will love. If I’m wrong about that, simply return it to us for a full refund. You can’t lose.

Dan Holohan

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