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Primary-Secondary Pumping Made Easy!
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Primary-Secondary Pumping Made Easy!

When I was first starting out in this business I was fortunate to have as one of my teachers the late, great Gil Carlson. Gil played a major role in the early development of hydronic heating. In fact, while on a troubleshooting call in a New York City office building during the early 1950s, it was Gil who came up with the concept of primary-secondary pumping. He went on to teach and write extensively about primary-secondary, but he wrote mainly for professional engineers, and much of his stuff is tough to follow. What I've tried to do with this book is to take what he taught me and distill his engineering genius into plain English, and then to apply these principles to today's systems - especially low-temperature radiant heating system.

For the past few years, as more and more contractors have gotten into primary-secondary pumping, I've watched them guess at the sizes of the pipes and pumps, as well as their boiler high-limit temperatures. There's been a lot of trial and error going on, and even more over-sizing. That's a shame because guesswork costs you both time and money. In this book, I've used what Gil taught me to show you how to reduce the size of your pipes, valves, fittings and pumps, without sacrificing performance - and without getting into trouble. I've also shown you how to know exactly what temperature to set your boiler to get the best results. You won't be going back to these jobs to tweak them, and your prices will be more competitive.

I've covered two-pipe primary-secondary systems as well as the more popular one-pipe systems in this book. I've also looked at lots of ways to use two-, three-, and four-way valves, as well as injection pumping. And I've explained the root of some common problems you've probably experienced in the field. There's a reason for unstable secondary circuit temperatures and ghost flow, and I've done my best to show you what causes these problems and how to avoid them in the first place (while saving money on the installation!). I've also covered secondary circuit manifolds. These make so much sense with radiant, but they weren't widely used during Gil Carlson's time. I'll also give you lots of options for your boiler-room piping (for both single- and multiple-boiler systems). I did my best to tell all of this in a way that is easy to understand with lots of examples, plenty of diagrams (76 in all!), and simple math that a nonengineer (like me!) can handle.

This is a book that will save you time and money and keep you out of trouble. It is not a primer, but it is easy to understand. And it comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee!

Dan Holohan

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