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Carol Fey's Quick & Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting on DVD
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Carol Fey's Quick & Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting on DVD

Carol Fey has a way with words, both in her Quick & Basic series of books (which you’ll find in the Books section), and in person. She speaks the language of the technician and she’s able to teach complicated technical subjects by using everyday examples and simple terms of ordinary conversation. She’s a superb communicator and she has a true love for her audience that comes across in all her classes.

When she did this full-day seminar in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania during August, 2002, she had a packed house and the professional camera crew did a fine job of capturing her words and close-ups of the many slides she showed. I’ve been to Carol’s seminars and when I watched these tapes the time just flew by. As always, I found myself getting so wrapped up in her stories from the field and her wonderful explanations. She’s got some terrific props and really knows how to get a point across. And I have to admit that electricity is not my strong suit. I’ve always been a waterside guy, but Carol has helped me to better understand the subtitles of electricity, how hydronic controls come together to form a system, and the proper way to read a wiring schematic. She’s especially strong when it comes to the art of troubleshooting. She teaches the importance of having a process and working through a methodical plan, which is essential to troubleshooting success (ever find yourself coming to a conclusion as to what’s wrong while still in your truck?). Carol makes me think better.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned old-timer, there’s something for you in this program. I promise you that.

This seminar is nearly six hours long. It comes on three DVDs. Take it at your own pace and profit from it. And if you’re not delighted with the program we’ll give you a full refund. That’s how confident I am that you’re going to enjoy this seminar. Thanks.

Dan Holohan

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