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Working With Your Water Heater – Troubleshooting
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Working With Your Water Heater – Troubleshooting

Think about the best teacher you’ve ever had and all the qualities that made him or her that good – knowledge, patience, caring, experience, a way with words, and a love of the subject, right? Think about that person and then imagine a teacher who kicks it up a notch.

That’s Larry Weingarten.

I’ve known Larry for many years, and in all my travels, I have never met anyone who knows more about water heaters than he does. His first DVD, In Hot Water, revolves around his amazing water heater museum. He tells stories and teaches in a wonderful hands-on way. A lot of people have bought that 40-minute DVD and no one has ever sent one back.

This latest from Larry covers water heaters in the way only a masterful troubleshooter can. My specialty is hydronic heating, not water heaters, so I sat and watched this two-hour program and was enthralled. He begins with an introduction and then goes to work on a troublesome gas-fired heater. I was literally in the basement with him as he worked toward finding what was wrong. He took things one step at a time in a logical way I could easily follow (when it comes to water heaters, I’m just a homeowner). Once he found the problem, he showed me how to fix it, and he kept sliding in all the safety cautions (with a wink and a smile) as he did. I was learning from a master teacher.

Next, Larry taught me about problem electric water heaters, and again, we were working in a tight space. This DVD is so real world but the photography and audio are professionally done, with lots of cuts to close-ups. Larry went through the process, step by step, and showed me some cool tools I had never before seen. He makes changing anode rods look fun and easy.

Then we went to his museum and looked at a cutaway heater and a number of parts that had failed. He explained the anatomy of all these components to me in this gentle way that he has. Larry has worked on thousands of water heaters and his collection of what goes wrong is impressive. He doesn’t just replace water heaters; he fixes them and maintains them and keeps them going for years beyond what others think is normal. The guy is amazing and there are far fewer water heaters in landfills thanks to him.

Oh, and while he’s teaching, there are a few real-world cats that make their way in and out of the scene. They’re quite helpful and I enjoyed every one!

Whether you’re a pro or a homeowner, this will be the best $32.95 you’ll spend on water heating. And if you’re not delighted, just send it back to me within 30 days for a full refund. I’ll even pay the shipping. That’s how much I think you’re going to enjoy this one. Want a sneak preview of what's in store? Click HERE.

Here’s to great teachers!

Dan Holohan

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