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Lost Art of Steam Heating Companion
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Lost Art of Steam Heating Companion

This book will come to you on a CD as a PDF document, which you can read on your computer screen, or download as a paper copy. The Table of Contents is linked to the individual chapters.)

The Lost Art of Steam Heating contains information you can't easily find anywhere else. Much of the raw material that went into that book came from the pages of old books and catalogs that I found on the dusty shelves of used bookstores. From time to time, these books also showed up in my mailbox, like orphans on the doorstep. They were gifts from people I had never met. Most of these people were about to retire, but they wanted their books to keep working. Nice.

I collect old books for the purpose of understanding a dead technology we call steam heating. In my travels, I never know what I'll find next,or how it will fit into the bigger picture. It's like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, but without having the benefit of the photo on the box. You can stare at the pieces, but until you gather enough of them together, you can't see that bigger picture. That's what I hoped The Lost Art of Steam Heating would be - a big picture.

The 203-page The Lost Art of Steam Heating Companion contains much of the raw material that I used when writing Lost Art. It's the original catalog material from dozens of manufacturers. When you own this book, you will have the original specs and cut away drawings of just about everything that is old and weird and in a basement. This is a troubleshooter's book. You use it to solve problems once and for all. It makes you sharper and smarter and that's a great way to feel. Add a copy to your library and you'll see what I mean.

Dan Holohan

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( ) Posted by Long Beach Ed on January 21, 2010 @ 5:16 PM

Interested in how it used to be done? Sure you are, because nobody's doing it anymore. This book will show you everything that was once available to designers when constructing your steam heating system.

A must if you like old stuff or have to deal with it.

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