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A Pocketful of Steam Problems (With Solutions)
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A Pocketful of Steam Problems (With Solutions)

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I was trying to help a friend with a steam-heating problem. He told me what the trouble was and I found myself going down a list of things that might cause that problem. There must have been a dozen things on my list. "Check out each one before you move on to the next," I cautioned. "When you don't know what's causing the problem, you can't discount any of the possible causes."

"The hard part is knowing where to look," he said. "That's why I'm glad you gave me this list!" That made me feel terrific. I was happy to be able to help a friend, but it also got me thinking about the way a lot of people troubleshoot. They jump in without a plan or a direction and often find themselves running in circles. I've always tried to be methodical when I'm troubleshooting, and I think that's probably why I have a better batting average than most when it comes to solving steam heating problems.

I thought about what my friend had said about knowing where to look, and that's when I decided to write A Pocketful of Steam Problems (with solutions!). My idea was to list all the things that could go wrong with a steam system, and then list the possible causes of those problems. I wanted the book to cover one-pipe, two-pipe, vapor/vacuum, vacuum, and commercial steam systems, so I went about writing the book the same way I would go about troubleshooting a system - methodically.

I started with a section I called All Steam Systems. I brainstormed everything I could think of that could go wrong with any steam systems. I jotted my lists when I was in my office at home. I took my lists with me on plane trips. When I was driving, I used a small tape recorder to keep track of anything additional that popped into my head.

When I was done with that general section, I focused on specific systems - one-pipe, two-pipe, vapor/vacuum, vacuum, and commercial steam systems. I jotted and jotted until I could think of no more. Then I put it all together into a 3/4"-thick, pocket-sized book you can carry with you on problem jobs.

The Dead Men speak through this little book. You'll find the answers you need here, and you'll find them quickly. Guaranteed!

Dan Holohan

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( ) Posted by Nick on January 12, 2010 @ 8:18 AM

This book is excellent. My wife bought me this book as part of the super deal with the "Lost Art of Steam Heating" and "We got Steam Heat. These books have been invaluable to me as a homeowner and have given me the confidence and knowledge to tackle a lot of our steam problems ourselves. I encourage anyone with a steam heating system to read these books before contacting your local contractor. It will provide you with the right information to make the right decisions and avoid throwing money at a situation that may have an easy solution (i.e. venting, insulation etc). We no longer have cold rooms in our house and our daughters are no longer suffer in cold bedrooms; what a difference to last season. And as an added bonus we have seen a 40% savings in our heating bill.

( ) Posted by Owen on November 21, 2009 @ 8:50 AM

This book is an essential reference guide for anyone interested in maintaining, repairing, or just understanding steam heating systems, domestic or commercial. Dan is a master at breaking a problem down into its component parts and providing easy-to-understand solutions. And now that I've read this book, I want to move on to The Lost Art of Steam Heating!

( ) Posted by Anonymous on August 18, 2009 @ 12:00 PM

GREAT book to read a story at a time. Sometimes you get so involved that you have to read two or three. I got mine and put it on my favorite reading room... it now is on my bookshelf for any of my fellow employees to read. A great book with great experiences!

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