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Linhardt's Field Guide to Steam Heating<br> by Patrick Linhardt
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Linhardt's Field Guide to Steam Heating
by Patrick Linhardt

Patrick Linhardt has built a great reputation as one of the best steam men in the Midwest (Pat's in Ohio). He has a wonderful way of explaining things in plain English, and he tackles all the steam problems he comes across with these three basic operations in mind:

Steam Up
Air Out
Water Back

Pat’s a good friend, and a few years ago, he called to tell me that he was working on a book that field-troubleshooting contractors were going to love. It would contain 27 steam-troubleshooting flowcharts, six pages of service tips, 10 pages of reference material, dozens of simple drawings to illustrate the basics of steam heating, the Top-15 tips for peak performance (I like that!), and a complete glossary of common steam-heating terms. In other words, a field guide that gives you quick answers when you need just that.

What we have here is a book that spits on its hands and goes to work.

He asked me if I would like to offer it here in the Books section when it was ready, and I told him I sure would, so here you have it – Linhardt’s Field Guide to Steam Heating, a book that love to go to work every day.

And isn’t that a neat title? There’s a story behind it, but I’ll let him delight you with that one. It’s right up front in the book.

I really like what Patrick has come up with here. I recommend it to you, and I’m proud to offer it here at It comes, of course, with a money-back guarantee!

Dan Holohan

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( ) Posted by Anonymous on August 18, 2009 @ 12:08 PM

This book is on my shelf right next to the Lost Art of Steam Heat. I allow it to go anywhere because ALL the pages are laminated and can be wiped off. No more oily smidges, just wipe them off! Great office reference book, great field guide!

( ) Posted by Timco on August 16, 2009 @ 6:52 PM

Awesome book. Really breaks down the fundamentals of steam in a less technical and complicated way.

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