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We Got Steam Heat! PRO PACK
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We Got Steam Heat! PRO PACK

(The PRO PACK contains 10 copies of We Got Steam Heat!) The price for a single copy is $22.50

If you're a heating professional who does steam heating work (repairs and boiler replacements) this book can REALLY help you tell your story – and get your price on every job you quote.

I wrote this book for homeowners, but it’s definitely not a do-it-yourself book. What it does is help a homeowner understand the components of his or her steam system, how things work, what belongs where (and what may be missing), what can and can’t be done, and especially, how to tell a heating professional from a knucklehead – and how to find that professional (that being YOU).

Here’s what I suggest. Get a PRO PACK and then go out there and do what you do best. Survey that next steam job, measure and calculate the EDR load. Inspect the insulation, air vents, wet returns, steam traps and vapor devices. You know what to do; you’re a pro. Talk to the homeowner about comfort issues. Ask about strange noises and the condition of their fuel bills. Be thorough, as you always are. Then when you offer your price, include a copy of We Got Steam Heat!. It’s your gift to them. Encourage the homeowner to read the book and then watch what happens. I’ll bet you close every job you quote. You know why? Because this book explains why the low-bidder is NOT the guy they want replacing that old boiler, or doing those steam repairs. This book will help you tell your story. It will show them your value, and it will help you get the price you need to do the job right. If you’ve read it, you know what I mean.

This book can give you the professional edge on your quotes. Try it; you’ll see.

Dan Holohan

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