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Company Information

Bob Gagnon Plumbing and Heating 136 Townsend Ave.
Lowell, MA 01854 Specialty Hot-water heating specialist License MA. Master Plumbers and Gasfitters #9694, Oil Burners Lic. # 026148, Radiant Panel Association Certified Installer, New Hampshire Master License Number 4513, “LEED Accredited Professional”

Contact Information

Bob Gagnon Phone 978-453-2211 Fax Cell: 978-853-4873

Bob Gagnon Plumbing and Heating

I am a fourth generation Master Plumber with over 33 years experience designing and installing Top Quality Hydronic Heating and Plumbing systems. I strive to use the best quality piping materials, installed with the best, modern piping techniques to give you a trouble free job that will surely last decades. To maintain strict quality control, I do all the work myself, so you have a 30 year Master Plumber doing all the work. If you have a question or problem I pick up the phone and I will know what you are talking about. I give all my customers my cell number and my business phone rings at my house, so I am always available to take your call. I am a LEED Accredited Professional and I live by the LEED slogan by providing my customers with “Whole Building Efficiency”

Specialty: High Efficiency Boilers and Heating Systems, Steam Boilers, Radiant Heating

Services: Plumbing and heating systems designed and installed; plumbing and heating equipment service and replacement; radiant heating; steam boilers;high efficiency boilers and water heaters replaced.

Shatz Residence- Newton, Massachusetts


After I replaced his neighbors large inefficient boiler with a new modern Utica Modulating – Condensing Boiler, Art Shatz had developed a serious case of “Boiler Envy”. Art’s really old, really large boiler still worked after about 50 years of service, but his gas bills were very high and he felt it was time to upgrade.


Mr Shatz’s 100 year old Victorian Style Home was a mix of copper finned baseboard, cast iron baseboard, and cast iron radiators so this made Art’s home a great candidate for a new Modulating- Condensing Boiler with proper zoning and piping techniques.


I installed an American Made Utica UB95M-200 Modulating-Condensing Boiler and a 45 gallon SuperStor domestic water tank for maximum heating and hot water efficiency. After decades of installing Utica Boilers I was confidant with Utica’s Top Quality and support after the sale. I also knew that getting parts down the road would not be a problem. Utica Boilers are made with old school quality, supported by a really nice, helpful staff. The job went smoothly, the zoning and boiler worked great, Art was very happy and we expected to see a large drop in his energy bill. Art was so happy after the job he sent me a great testimonial that you can see at my web-site at Mr Shatz was even happier when after using his boiler for a year, the gas supplier cut his budget payment in half! Payback for this job will be quick when combined with available tax rebates and gas supplier incentives.

I would be happy to install a boiler for you. Give me a call or send me an e mail, we can go over your options and I can give you a price over the phone or via e mail.

Thanks for considering me for your next job, Bob Gagnon