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Company Information

Larry & Chuck's Heating Inc. 2026 SE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97214 Specialty Hot-water heating specialist License 37566

Contact Information

Timothy Hodgson Phone 503-232-5747 Fax 503-232-8922

Larry & Chuck's Heating Inc.

Our company was established in 1948. We service and install all types of steam and hot water systems. Our customers are churches, schools, apartments and residential homes.

Pacific University


The dormitory fuel bills were over budget. The students rooms were too hot, so they opened their windows to control the heat. The administration promised individual room thermostats to control the temperature in the rooms. They hoped the students would close their window s that winter and save fuel. Normally we would control the water flow to each room, but a lack of physical room and expense to re-pipe the building, that was not possible.


We decided to control the air flow through each baseboard heater.


We designed a damper and control unit, powered by a standard "off the shelf" thermostatic radiator valve operator. This effectively kept each room from overheating. I was informed that the previous year, there were 40% of the windows open. I went by after fall semester and now it was down to 10%. I checked on a couple of the rooms with the windows still open and the guys there said they needed the fresh air. Standing at the door talking to them, I knew they were right.