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Thatcher Heating and Air Conditioning 2A Linsley Pl.
Metuchen, NJ 08840 Specialty ALL License 13VH06009700

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Joe Starosielec Phone 732-494-HELP

Thatcher Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating, Air Conditioning, and Home Improvements

Our mission at Thatcher is to support our obligation to properly size and select HVAC systems that award our customers the highest level of temperature and humidity control, while at the same time encourage and promote design and installation methods that foster the ultimate in reliability, energy conservation, and protection of our natural resources. To our remodeling clients, we owe nothing less than creating our contribution to your dream environment to the best of our ability.

Nutley, NJ


It's that's old romantic story; 100 year old house, beautifully decorated, iced tea and sugar cookies served on the front porch...and a one pipe steam system that makes enough noise to signal the end of civlization.


First, we had to find out where the different sources of noise were coming from. In some parts of the house we had water hammer, in other rooms just a gurgling radiator. The only room that didn't have an issue was the front didn't have a radiator. We knew this was a system problem. Our approach was to look at every part of the system before making any changes.


We seem to hear the same echoing voice in every basement, saying "Crank it down, crank it down". Always being the sort to listen to ominous voices, we did. We lowered the Pressuretrol from 11psi to 0.5psi. Turning that screwdriver seems so rewarding sometimes.

But that wasn't the end of our troubles. It was just a good start. Eventually, we upgraded the radiator venting with Hoffman adjustable vents, using our "System Balancing" charts to fine tune the system. We also installed extra main venting where it was needed, and while the piping was taken apart, corrected a minor backpitch in the dry returns.

A few winter seasons later, and a fuel bill that dropped by 50% (No, really, 50%!), we have another healthy steam system to be proud of for 100 more years