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Envirotech Heating and Cooling 11003 West 59th Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66203 Specialty ALL

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Scott T. Verville Phone 913-268-6700 Fax 913-268-7302

Envirotech Heating and Cooling

A locally owned and operated heating and cooling business, whose technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of heating and cooling systems. From dealing with service, installation, and maintenance to helping solve complicated and extensive issues, Envirotech has years of experience behind every decision made in helping make your home or business more comfortable and efficient.



Homeowner had her 2nd steam boiler in the last 20 years fail in pretty spectacular fashion. The size of the house and the required heating load meant another sizable investment, and she was looking to make this purchase last beyond another 10 year period. The challenge was finding out what the previous contractors have been missing and make the 70 year old piping work with our new installation.


Read through the previous boiler manuals, and the new boiler manual and see if the existing piping could match up with the manufacturers specifications. It did not, and being old 6" supply piping, and mostly original return lines, we had to carefully disassemble the piping and attempt to get everything repiped to specs. Also, brought in our local distributor to help us identify any odd or out of place components.


By taking our time, and using all our existing resources, we were able to get this homeowners 1,000,000 +btu steam boiler, replaced and back heating in less than a week. This included flushing some buried return lines and sediment filled check-valves, getting the steam pressures down to under 1# of operating pressure, and getting a lower level sump pump return to all work properly with the boiler and give the homeowner a more consistent, reliable, and efficient system. From the $2000/month bills she was paying previously, this system has significantly lowered her utilitly bills, and increased her comfort.