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"Here\'s the nine-year-old failed boiler."

"We gave them Viessmann quality and energy efficiency for the next 50 years!"

Advanced Radiant Technology, LLc. 1752 NW Market St #133
Seattle, WA 98107 Specialty General Heating Contractor License ADVANRT033RH

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Paul Pollets Phone 206-783-4315 Fax 206-783-5050

Advanced Radiant Technology, LLc.

ART is a design/build mechanical contractor specializing in radiant-floor heating and specialty air ventilation and filtration.

Ballard Boiler and Heating Renovation


The new owner wanted to replace his cast iron boiler which failed prematurely after nine years. It had been installed improperly. He also wanted to remove the existing copper-fin-tube baseboard and replace it with wall-panel radiators, as well as add several radiant-floor zones in most of the bedrooms and on the main floor. The owner had six teenage daughters and a son that created a very large domestic-hot-water demand. The additional challenge was that the family was living in the home during the remodel.


We knew that this was a perfect application for a wall-hung, condensing boiler, considering the small area for the mechanicals. We had only a 4\' x7\' foot closet in the basement laundry with which to work. The space was just large enough for the boiler, water tank, piping and pumps. The owner preferred the Runtal wall-panel radiators and towel-bar warmers. The radiant-floor zones would be either Uponor\'s QuickTrak or a suspended staple-up application, using transfer plates under the main floor.


We installed a Viessmann Vitodens 200 boiler and 79g VitoCell 300 indirect tank, to replace the gas-fired water heater. An indirect water tank is like a big Thermos for domestic hot water. The new boiler treats the indirect tank like a zone. It\'s very efficient, and it provides all the hot water they could want, and at any time. An integral outdoor-reset control manages all system temperatures and controls the automatic mixing valve for the radiant-floor setpoint. The system was roughed-in for a future solar, domestic-hot-water rooftop array. The individual bedrooms use an Oventrop UniBox for temperature control, which allowed us to use most of the existing radiator piping. All of the radiators have Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) for precise temperature control.

Upstairs, the owner has a Viessmann remote control thermostat, which allows him to fine-tune their level of comfort. The owner reports that they have never run out of hot water since the conversion, and their energy bills have decreased by 20%.

We love planning and installing systems such as this one. We look at it as art! You can learn more about us by visiting our website at Just click the link at the top of the page. We\'d love to work with you on your project. Give us a call!