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Classic Hydronics, Grantville, PA

Seminar Information

Start Date April 9, 2014 End Date April 9, 2014 Location 604 Station Road
Grantville, PA 17028

Our friends at OESP are sponsoring this one.

In this all-technical three-hour seminar, Dan Holohan will give you a Liberal Arts education in those Classic Hydronics systems. He'll have you seeing inside the pipes as he gives you a better understanding of how things work, what goes wrong with them, and why.  He’ll share with you the secrets he’s picked up from the Old-Timers and he'll make you a better troubleshooter.

We’ll explore:

The critical importance of pressure differential

Gravity hot water heating



One-pipe loops

One-pipe primary-secondary systems

Diverter tees

Two-pipe direct- and reverse-return

Two-pipe primary-secondary

Multiple boiler systems

Two-temperature systems

Air problems and their solutions

Classic radiant

And more!

This seminar will be at the Holiday Inn in Grantville, PA. We'll begin at 5 PM with a delicious buffet. Dan will start the seminar at 5:30 and will finish at 8:45. The Lovely Marianne will there with her bookstore and some great discounts for you. Come hungry for good food and knowledge. 

Oh, and we have room for just 50 people so don't delay. Tickets are just $129 and you can get yours online at Or by email to Judy Garber at Or by phone at 888-552-0900.

This seminar will benefit the Dave Nelsen Scholarship Fund. If you can, please bring a non-perishable food item with you. We'll donate what we collect to the local food bank. Thanks for caring!