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SOLD OUT -Dead Men's Steam School, Mt. Kisco, NY

SOLD OUT -Dead Men's Steam School, Mt. Kisco, NY

Seminar Information

Start Date July 31, 2014 End Date July 31, 2014 Location One Holiday Inn Drive
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

This all-technical seminar will make you familiar with the many types of old steam heating systems and what goes wrong with them. Dan Holohan's easy-to-follow explanations will have you seeing inside these old systems. You'll be a much better troubleshooter after this one. If you have to deal with America's older steam systems, you’re going to love this course. We’ll look at:

   * Steam heating loads
   * Steam radiation of all kinds
   * Boiler ratings
   * Proper near-boiler piping
   * The importance of water quality
   * All sorts of system piping
   * The value of pipe insulation
   * Balancing systems with properly sized air vents
   * Curing water hammer once and for all
   * Getting the water back into the boiler
   * Pressure settings
   * Steam traps

And plenty of good stories to pull all of this together. You won't be bored!

This Night School will be at the Holiday Inn, Mt. Kisco. Come at 5 PM for a buffet dinner. Dan will start talking at 5:30 and finish by 8:45. Marianne will have her bookstore open with great discounts for you. We have room for just 50 people so get your ticket now.