About Us

HeatingHelp.com is a vibrant online community and reliable resource for heating information. We’ve been connecting the industry since 1997. If you’re interested in heating systems, no matter how old or new, you’re sure to find the answers you need here.

HeatingHelp.com is committed to industry education and thrives on the spirit of shared knowledge and community. Here are some of the many resources you’ll find here:

The Wall discussion forum - Got a question? Ask it here. Everyone is welcome to join in, pros and homeowners alike, and the conversations go back decades. The Search feature on The Wall gives you free access to solid, real-world knowledge that dates back to 1997. Whether you’re an eager listener or an active participant, there’s so much to learn from the collective experience that is HeatingHelp.com.

The Systems Help Center - This is an informative guide to both old- and new heating technology. Explore it and learn at your own pace.

Books - Want to learn even more? Check out these entertaining and informative heating books.

Online seminars - Whether you're new to the world of heating or an experienced pro, these online courses are filled with aha! moments that will sharpen your skills and increase your value on the job.

Podcast - The Heating Help podcast is your source for HVAC tips and stories. Listen, learn, and laugh with us as we uncover interesting tales of the trade and share advice from experienced pros.

Industry News - Learn about new products, manufacturer news, and more.

Find a Contractor - Connect with an experienced professional to repair or replace your HVAC system.

Thank you for being a part of the Heating Help community. Please take what you need and leave what you can.


Heating Help’s History

Technical writer and industry expert, Dan Holohan, and his wife Marianne founded HeatingHelp.com in 1997. It has since blossomed into a vibrant online community and trusted resource for heating information. Dan and Marianne retired in 2016 and their daughter, Erin Holohan Haskell, who was the technical mind behind the development and growth of all that you see here, is now the owner and leads Team Heating Help.

The story of HeatingHelp.com is in many ways the story of the Holohan family, for this is truly a family business. Dan began his career working with his father at a NY-based manufacturers’ representative. Big Ed Holohan encouraged him to join the heating industry saying, “Kid, this is the best business to be in because people are always going to need heat, especially in the winter.” Dan couldn’t resist his dad’s comic wisdom, and so he got to work.

In Dan’s years with the manufacturers’ rep, he listened to the old-timers, who told him tales of the old heating systems they’d come across. They shared valuable tips and tricks they had learned the hard way. Dan wanted to learn even more, so he went to the library and poured over hundreds of weathered books about steam- and hot-water heating systems. Those long-gone authors, whom Dan fondly refers to as the Dead Men, taught him a lost art.

Dan shared that hard-earned knowledge through his easy-to-understand books, seminars, and now HeatingHelp.com, and always with Erin as his technical consultant. Erin now leads the Heating Help Team. She has a keen eye for design; she connects the dots with analytics, and is passionate about using technology to bring people together, which is why you will find so many of the brightest minds in the heating industry on Heating Help.