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All types of plumbing, heating (especially radiant heating!) and gasfitting. Specializing in replacing residential steam- and hot-water boilers, and all types of new hydronic heating systems.

Case Study

10 Gould Ave.


The challenge was to replace two very old and over-sized, oil-fired steam boilers. Each had an inefficient tankless water heater. The fuel bills were high!


The Gas Company was giving away free gas-fired boilers to anyone who was willing to switch fuels from oil to natural gas, so the homeowners thought that this was a great time to upgrade their equipment. They asked us to install the two, brand-new steam boilers (which are much more efficient, compared to the old beasts), and two new gas-fired water heaters, which would allow them to shut off the steam boilers during the warmer months and save even more money.


We installed the new equipment, taking care to make sure that everything was compatible with the old piping system. Then we thoroughly cleaned the chimney and lined the two separate flues to ensure that the new boilers wouldn't damage the old chimney (a common problem is the installing contractor isn't careful). We also ran two new natural-gas lines because the old ones were not large enough for the new boilers and water heaters when working together. We planned very carefully and were able to complete the entire job without having to inconvenience the homeowners without heat and hot water for more than a single day. They were delighted! We'd welcome the opportunity to work with you on your project. I think you'll find us, neat, clean, very competent, and extremely knowledgeable. We offer great value. Please give us a call. Thanks.