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We are a full-service Plumbing and Heating company that prides itself on our response to our customers' needs, no matter what size the problem. Our customers are our friends and we treat them as such.

Case Study


The owner was building his dream home and was very involved in all aspects of the project. He had an idea of what he wanted, and was very open to our suggestions and design. He was also familiar with our work and chose us over the builder's sub-contractor to do the job.


We sat with the owner and his wife to find out what their desires for their home where. We talked about their family's schedules, and how they planned to use their home. The owners were interested in a specific look for their home. They wanted to use the basement as a playroom, and they were very interested in overall comfort and efficiency. We installed a 95%-efficient, Buderus GB142 wall-hung , natural-gas-fired, boiler that takes up very little space (check out the photo). We also used a Super-Stor, 60-gallon, indirect- fired water heater that will give them all the domestic hot water they will ever need, and at great efficiency. The boilers control system has a built-in outdoor reset control, which automatically adjusts the boiler's operating temperature to the outdoor air temperature. It's like having cruise-control on your house. In addition to this, we used three Taco I-Radiant valves so we could provide three different water temperatures to the three styles of heating we used throughout the home, and during construction, we installed the flue venting system for the boiler through the house and vented it out the roof so we wouldn't have to have it sticking out of the side of the house. We installed Burnham; Classic cast-iron radiators in the dining room and the front Hall to compliment the period look the owners wanted. They look great!


We installed invisible radiant floor heat in the concrete floor of the basement, as well as under the kitchen floor, and we installed Viega's Climate Panel radiant system for the second floor bathrooms. It all worked perfectly, and efficiently, providing wonderful comfort while saving fuel. Comfort, style and a clean, well-laid-out, easy-to-maintain mechanical room. That's what we delivered to this beautiful, fuel-efficient dream house. It will serve our clients for decades to come, and the thought of that delights us. We'd welcome the opportunity to work with you on your project. To learn more about us, please visit at Thanks!