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Silco is a family owned and operated service company providing customer care you can relay on! Silco stands behind the work provided by their technicians and you can trust that they will be around for a long time. The company was started in 1986 by Jerry Silverio. Family members and long-trusted employees inside the office and out in the field ensure that customers receive top notch service. From small repairs and replacements to new installations - Silco does it all! Licensed & Insured - Professionally Trained & Experienced Technicians. Jay-Mar Systems Inc dba Silco Plumbing & Heating - Plumbing Corporation #1725, Master Plumber License #8784, Mater Gasfitter License #3663, Master Sheet Metal License #4161, E.P.A. Certificate #0477375516200


Case Study

Medford, Ma


When the cold weather moved in this past October, a homeowner on West Street in Medford eagerly turned on their heat. They had just replaced two steam boilers for their two-family home in July and were enthusiastic with comfort thinking they had two brand new systems they could rely on this heating season. Unfortunately, when the system kicked on the pipes throughout the house started banging so loudly that the homeowner instantly knew something was wrong and feared for potential danger. They quickly turned the thermostat off and called the contractor that installed the boilers only months prior. Unfortunately, many calls to this heating contractor went unanswered. At this point they were second guessing the workmanship of the installation as well as the competence of the company that they hired. Frustrated from the lack of response, fear of the possible risks and anxiety about the unknown issues with the boilers, they realized it was time to call a professional heating contractor to solve their problem.


They contacted Silco and two other companies and scheduled appointments for evaluation. A Silco technician visited the home and diagnosed the problem within seconds of stepping into the basement. First of all, the near boiler piping was installed incorrectly. And secondly, the existing main was pitched back to the boiler, instead of away from the boiler. The return was located directly above the boiler, instead of at the end of the main (furthest away from the boiler). The condensate should travel to the end of the main and then return along the return line to the boiler. In this case, the condensate was returning on the main.


The homeowner hired Silco to solve the multiple problems with the installation of the steam boilers. Silco's professionally trained technicians corrected the near boiler piping with the proper manifold at 24" above the water line, equalizer and Hartford loop. They completely removed the 2" mains that were pitched improperly and re-piped the mains pitching away from the boiler. They installed a 1" return from the end of the mains back to the boiler. The boiler piping has been brought up to MA code regulations and everything is functioning properly. The pipes are no longer banging, the boilers are operating quietly and the homeowner feels safe again in their own home. I'm sure the homeowner wishes they had the opportunity to meet Silco's technicians back in July! Silco's licensed technicians are trained to diagnose and repair whatever heating problems you may have with hot water, hot air, steam, radiant and more. Why would you trust anyone but an expert when it comes to gas or oil-fired equipment in your home?