Taco Announces 00e VR ECM Circulator Upgrades

Taco VR20 for use with June 17 NR

Taco Comfort Solutions has added new features and capabilities to their large 00e VR ECM, wet rotor commercial circulator line designed for chilled and hot water applications. Available in four sizes (VR 15-3, 20-3, 25-3 and 30-3), the sensorless 00e VR line provides differential head pressures up to 42 ft. and flows up to 360 GPM.

Designed around customer demands for functional simplicity, upgraded feature sets of the new VR models will include simple user interface to enable setting changes on the face of the pump, eliminating the need for laptop setup. Also, real-time performance readouts for flow, power consumption, speed and head values.

Taco’s new VR circulators also offer self-sensing dynamic auto (factory default), proportional and constant pressure, plus manual variable speed modes for maximum application flexibility. On board 0-10Vdc two way control adjusts speed or head to meet system demands from external control inputs. And ModBus control and performance feedback link with advanced building management/Building Automation Systems.

New VR circulators also provide RJ 45 input/output for ease of networking, relay outputs for remote monitoring, digital inputs for external enable/disabling, and simple main/standby and parallel pump operation via standard Ethernet cabling.


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