Taco/Hydroflo VT Series Vertical Turbine Submersible Pumps

Taco Vertical Turbine Submersible Pump

Taco Comfort Solutions/Hydroflo VT Series vertical turbine submersible pumps provide excellent reliability and ease of installation. With five-inch to 16-inch bowl diameters, VT Series submersible pumps provide quiet, dependable performance for a wide range of applications including water wells, potable water supplies, crop irrigation, mining or construction dewatering, decorative water features, and many others.

Taco’s VT line of vertical turbine submersible pumps with ductile iron bowls can serve applications where 100 to 5,000 GPM are needed, or five to several thousand feet of head are required. A variety of options are also available to customize the pumps to specific applications.

VT Series vertical turbine submersibles offer upgraded materials of construction as standard features. All impellers are investment cast 201 stainless steel to provide longer life. For more corrosive resistance requirements, an option for 316 stainless steel is also available. Overall advantages include reduced footprint, lower maintenance, reduced noise and vibration, lower installation costs, and ease of access.


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