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DEWALT HVAC/R Professional Reference Master Edition (Enhance Your HVAC Skills!)

DEWALT HVAC/R Professional Reference Master Edition (Enhance Your HVAC Skills!)

by Rosenberg, Paul and American Contractors Educational Services

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The HVAC/R industry requires more specialized skills and information than any other trade, and this new book meets that demand head-on! With more than 500 pages of extensive information on such important topics as refrigeration systems, piping, ductwork, motors, compressors, fans, pumps and more, this "answer book" is one of the most complete HVAC/R professional references available. Practical troubleshooting techniques and service call procedures for understanding and maintaining all heating and cooling systems are featured. Ample safety coverage and the inclusion of plan symbols, materials, and conversion factors round out the exceptional features of this "must have" pocket reference.

  • Expanded edition that contains twice as much information as the HVAC Professional Reference

  • Coverage includes:
    - formulas
    - design data
    - heating ventilation
    - air conditioning
    - refrigeration
    - systems piping
    - service
    - troubleshooting
    - electrical
    - wiring
    - motors
    - duct work
    - compressors
    - fans and pumps
    - materials
    - conversion factors
    - tools
    - safety
    - ... and much more


Publication date:
October 29, 2006

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