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How to Teach Technicians (without putting them to sleep!) 2nd Edition

How to Teach Technicians (without putting them to sleep!) 2nd Edition

by Holohan, Dan

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Dan Holohan has taught more than 200,000 students in the HVAC industry and beyond. This 2nd Edition of his popular book, How to Teach Technicians (without putting them to sleep!), is both entertaining and enlightening. Dan first published this book in 1999 and went on to teach until his retirement in 2016. This updated version includes even more insight from Dan's successful teaching career. Dan gives valuable advice on how to overcome your fear of public speaking, as well as how to prepare for and teach an engaging seminar. He shares tips to navigate meeting logistics, locations, and any challenges that may come your way as a teacher. He’ll tell you about the time a wild dog ran into his classroom and even about the time he managed to set his hand on fire. You’ll be laughing and learning with each page and, in the end, you’ll be a more successful teacher. Here are some of the many topics covered in this book: How to prepare for your seminar, Overcoming your fear of public speaking, logistics, how to get a big group settled down on time, body language, how to tell a story, making your seminars fun, using PowerPoint and other tools, the “Seminar in a Box,” facing challenges, dealing with hecklers and rudeness, being prepared for questions, arranging the meeting place (with a sample specification sheet for the hotel/meeting location), gathering feedback from students, and more!


Publication date:
March 18, 2018

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