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Hydronic Radiant Heating: A Practical Guide for the Nonengineer Installer

Hydronic Radiant Heating: A Practical Guide for the Nonengineer Installer

by Holohan, Dan

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I wrote this book for people who prefer plain-English explanations of how things work. You won’t find much math in this book. No formulas. No mumbo-jumbo. What you will find are simple words of ordinary conversation, and a lot of very easy-to-follow drawings relating to hydronic radiant heating. There are also stories – lots of them! I like to tell stories about the things I’ve seen as I’ve traveled around the US, Canada and Europe, looking at hydronic radiant installations. I’ve seen installers do things the right way and the wrong way, and I learned from them all. I dug into old books as well as the current literature to write this one, and I did my very best to boil down the engineering into understandable terms. This book contains 215 pages of practical, common sense information that you can use right away. I’ve made lots of analogies to things you already know. Hydronic radiant heating doesn’t have to be complicated or spooky. There are rules of thumb that work, and installers are using them with great success every day. There are simple ways to install and control these systems. I’ll show you how. All in all, you’re going to find straight answers to direct questions in this book. I’ve done my best to present a subject that I love in a way that I think you will find both informative and very enjoyable.


Publication date:
March 31, 1998

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