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Get Out And Learn

I went to ISH in Frankfurt, Germany with three friends in 1995. It was my third trip to that monstrosity of a tradeshow and we had arranged with friends at Danfoss to vis...

Published on 07/30/2020 2:21 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
Teddy's Lucky Day

Jane had given Teddy the coupon on his way out the door that morning. He was looking at it as he waited his turn on the Burger King drive-through. “This is a good deal,” ...

Published on 07/30/2020 2:03 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
What Could Go Wrong?

We learned from the pandemic that education is available in many more places than just at live seminars. Webinars, for instance, are safer because you’re watching them al...

Published on 07/17/2020 10:36 AM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
It's Not Me; It's You

I was sitting next to a 99-year-old woman in an auditorium. I knew she was 99 because she introduced herself as Irene and told me her exact age. Then she sat back and wai...

Published on 07/14/2020 12:44 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
What's In A Name?

We have so many names for common things and tools that we use in this business; and because I have way too much time on my hands, I started wondering how those names came...

Published on 06/15/2020 2:19 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
choosing staff
The Hiring Blues

A heating contractor friend sent me this text exchange between himself and a potential employee: Potential employee: “Did you receive my application?” My friend: “Yes.” P...

Published on 05/15/2020 2:55 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
Job Politics

I got an email from the Customer Service Manager at a well-known boiler manufacturer whose name I will keep to myself. His email made me think of the laws of physics and ...

Published on 05/08/2020 3:21 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
city spring new york photo cc
Lime Day

Some years ago, back when my joints didn’t crack when I dragged myself off the couch, I was father to four little girls. The last two are twins and there’s just a bit mor...

Published on 04/09/2020 1:39 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
Online Training Opportunities

Heating Help YouTube Channel
Informative and entertaining videos about steam and hot-water heating systems

Heating Help presents The Dead Men's Steam School and Classic ...

Published on 04/06/2020 12:55 PM
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thank plumber
Thank A Plumber

Last night I was exchanging texts with a friend in WA who is a plumber. The entire family is, actually. Not to linger too long, but they are just great people.

Published on 03/25/2020 2:48 PM by Bryce Malone and Sales Manager at Triangle Tube
Posted in The HVAC Business