The Great Temperature Race

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Someone just asked me this question:

If the temperature is 55 and you want it to be 65, will it get to 65 quicker by setting the thermostat to 80 rather than 65?

I said no, and here's why.

Think of those numbers as mile markers in a road race. Let's say the starting line is 55 degrees. You're toeing that line and you're all set to go. Someone blows an air horn and you're off.

Okay, you're running at your normal pace, not too fast, not too slow, just a nice loping, comfortable pace that will get you to the finish line without getting hurt. You're not out to win this race, just to finish. 

Got that? Good. Now let's say the finish line of your race is 65 degrees because that's the temperature you mentioned. When you reach 65 degrees, you throw up your hands, hit the stop button on your sports watch and go look for a cold beer.  

As you walk from the finish line, you squint and look waaaay down the road. You see this large sign for mile marker 80 degrees. See it? 

Okay, with that in mind, let's say you had decided to keep running all the way out there to 80 degrees. You would run your usual, comfortable pace, of course. That's what you do.

So here's the question:

Starting at 55 degrees, if you decide to run further, all the way out there to 80 degrees, will you pass 65 degrees any faster than you would if you were just running to that closer point?

And the answer is . . . 


Get it? 


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